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Writing has been a lifelong companion to Cimmaron. She has performed many a ‘one- woman-show’ on several lifestyle and fashion stories. As a writer, stylist & photographer -she is able to source, style, shoot and write her own editorials. At the numerous Fashion Weeks that she attends, she takes to shooting her own front row photos to use as reference when writing her fashion reviews.


‘I write to document and tell stories I believe in. It has always been an expression of deeper communication that allows me to dig beneath the surface of things. Writing keeps me grounded and precise.From experiential personally scripted hospitality stories, ideating for brands and businesses to observational personal profiling-the journey is always liberating and cathartic for me’



A former journalist with the India Today Group & an alumnus of the Lucy Clayton College of Fashion in London, Cimmaron has produced numerous lifestyle, fashion, travel and photography editorials for newspapers and magazines including the Mail Today Newspaper, Times of India, Wedding Times, CNNgo and Child Magazine.

Cimmaron Singh works as a freelance Photographer,Writer & Stylist and regularly contributes lifestyle editorials to several magazines & newspapers.She also works with brands, businesses and entrepreneurs as a content writer to ideate and create compelling narrative for website copy, social media pages, blog posts, brochures and e-commerce sites.


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