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To be able to breathe life into something simple or complex, and present it in a totally unexpected way, is a challenge that inspires & drives Cimmaron Singh every single day.
There’s always a story that needs to be told.Sometimes that story is inside the bare four walls of a sun dappled room, sometimes you find it in between takes at a shoot and often it just needs reading between the lines to understand. The simplest product can shine like gold if it is styled & photographed beautifully.



‘I live, work, breathe and talk a ‘visual’ language. If I have to understand something, I need to see it. Ever since I can recall, I have always been that person in the room that jumps up & starts moving things around – rearranging, styling, regrouping…wax on wax off, that’s me! I love a good transformation.’



A former Stylist with Mail Today, India Today Group, Amatrra Spa, Ashoka Hotel, Olive Bar & Kitchen, New Delhi and Bangalore to name a few, Cimmaron Singh has conceptualized and produced numerous fashion shoots and product editorials, window dressing projects and flea market events.
More recently, Cimmaron has turned her creative eye towards home and interior styling. She works as a consultant and stylist on residential projects with clients who appreciate the aesthetics, she has created within the four walls of her own home. She also works as a stylist with retailing home and lifestyle stores on their window displays and catalogues.


Cimmaron Singh works as an independent Home, Editorial, Fashion and Product Stylist.

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